The Slime Book (paperback) ❤

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❤  Ooey, Gooey & Safe ❤


The Slime Book is packed full of more than 30 gloopy, squishy, and stretchy recipes to make at home. Create a glow-in-the-dark slime, gross out your friends with snot slime, and take a bite out of tasty chocolatey slime.

Simple step-by-steps and vibrant photographs show how to create every awesome slime. Each recipe is Borax-free and uses safe, readily available ingredients, so you can start pulling and poking right away.

Age recommendation: 6 and up


NOTE FROM MELANIE: Aaron loves slime. He went through a phase when we would make a bunch of different slimes weekly.  He would often give away special batches to friends. For instance, for 2 girls that he rides the bus with, he made special colored slime with glitter; for his boy friends, he made the "fake snot" slime. I know, I'm gagging just writing it. But this book was where we got our creative recipes from. We also gave this book as a birthday gift along with the ingredients so the birthday kid could make a special recipe that Aaron had chosen for them. "Fake Snot" and all, he is a sweet kid 🥰.