Collective Goods

Collective Goods brings a world-class retail experience with incredible prices to your workplace, benefiting your employees and the causes you care about.


 Cause is at the heart of everything we do.


Why Collective Goods: The Change in Name

Over the past 25 years, Books Are Fun has given back more than half a billion dollars in books, products and cash. We’ll continue to deliver exciting products at great value that result in benefits for your organization. As Collective Goods, our drive to support public education, healthcare, and causes important to your community is stronger than ever and remains at the forefront of who we are.

Collective Goods' 4 C's:

COOL:  We find and sell only the coolest products on the market at unbelievable prices

CAUSE:  We make it easy for you to shop, raise money, and support the causes you love.
CONVENIENT:  We conveniently bring products to you at work or your chosen location.
CARE:  We care about our customers and are dedicated to helping raise money and awareness for causes nationwide.


Our Collective impact so far...

   334,000 events in 55,000 schools
     17,000 events in 12,000 business locations
   500 $MILLION in cash and product donations
             50 states with Collective Goods presence  



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