Our Story


MMG Gifts got its clever name from Matt and Melanie Greskovich. For 27 years, Matt and Melanie have been running pop-up book and Gift fundraising events at major employers’ offices in the Greater Washington D.C. metro area. 

Our pop-ups began in 1995, before online sales and Amazon dominated the retail market; before brick and mortar retail stores were shutting their doors. Our doors are still open—or to make the analogy more apropos—our trucks were still running--but then the novel Coronavirus pandemic struck.  For now, our trucks are parked.  We cannot bring our store to you. Instead, we are putting our vast offerings online to encourage our faithful customers to shop and to welcome new customers as well.

Why shop with us?  For starters, we are a family-owned and family-run business.  Matt and Melanie own the business; Matt and Melanie are who you communicate with when you have a question; and Matt and Melanie are boxing up your gifts and mailing them to you! We are grateful for your business because you are supporting our family.  We have been married for 23 of the 27 years and we have two sons, Jamie (13 years old), and Aaron (11 years old).  Many of our customers and business partners have been with us through these 27 years to witness the ebbs and flows of our business as well as our personal lives. In fact, we have used family photos throughout the site and if you see a ❤, that signifies a "Note from Melanie." These are conversations that she would surely have with you if we were at one of our events. It was our goal to make the website as helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly as possible. We tried to replicate the personal shopping experience!


Greskovich Family October 2020


Another reason to shop with us--a really GREAT reason to shop with us-- is that a portion of our sales is donated to charity!  During our twenty-five years of business, our mobile book & gift store has raised over $2 million for charities and organizations in the Greater Washington D.C. metro area!  We like giving back to our community and we will continue to keep this fundraising element a core value of our online store.  

We know that online retail can often feel cold and impersonal. Most people are looking for the best price and fast, free shipping. It's hard to compete with Amazon. In some ways, we can't. For instance, we cannot offer free shipping. Why not? We offer low prices AND we are giving a portion of our sales to charitable causes and organizations. There simply isn't enough profit to give you low prices, give money to charity, offer free shipping, and feed our growing boys. 

But we will try to compete -- because shopping with us is a feel-good experience.  We hold ourselves accountable for our customers' happy shopping experiences.  Whether you are visiting us at one of our shows, or whether you are using our online store, you will always be met with friendly service and your gifts will be scrutinized for perfection. That is our "100% Happy" commitment to you.  Besides having GREAT prices, a portion of your money will be donated to charity.   

So please sign up for our newsletter to stay in the know, and become part of our MMG family.  Our emails will be fun, we promise! And, speaking of family, when you create an account, you will be among our friends and family who get first access to our exclusive deals and promotions.

Feel free to email us with any questions and/or comments. We love talking with our customers! Our family is wishing you and your family good health, good senses of humor, and great moments of togetherness.


Matt, Melanie, Jamie & Aaron