Meritus Medical Center

I sincerely endorse Matt and Melanie Greskovich and their fundraising business, who have partnered with Books Are Fun/Collective Goods for 25 years.  They first came to Washington County Hospital (now Meritus Medical Center) in 1998 when I was president of the auxiliary. Since then, they are welcomed back to our hospital three times a year. Over the 22 years, the Auxiliary has raised over $155,000 with Matt and Melanie! That $155,000 has been the greatest money earned from any other fundraiser.

During those 22 years, I have been the Chairperson for their fundraising event every year. Why? Because Matt and Melanie are very reliable, sincere people, and we have become good friends. It is very unusual to have the same representatives for a sale for 22 years.  This speaks volumes about the Greskoviches.

As for their events, Matt and Melanie bring a huge selection of fine quality products sold by Books Are Fun/Collective Goods and their prices are very reasonable. Our hospital staff and visitors really look forward to this event because they have new, wonderful products each time. Also, Matt and Melanie definitely stand behind the saying, "The customer is always right" as their customer service is top-notch.  Overall, each and every event is a fun, positive experience and we make money for the hospital too!


Doris Fisher

Meritus Medical Center Auxiliary
11116 Medical Campus Road
Hagerstown, MD 21742