Bedroom Gadgets

Do you enjoy listening to music in your bedroom while you relax supine-style? Or do you pump up the volume to energize your cleaning sessions?  Oops. Is your phone battery blinking "almost dead"? Keep a speaker and a charger in your room. You CAN have it all.  
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10 ft. Light-up Charging Cable (Blue)-Electronics-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
10 ft. Light-up Charging Cable (Red)-Electronics-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
4000 mAh Power Bank & USB Book Light-Electronics-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
I-Zoom Swivel (90 degrees) Sensor Controlled Accent Light Bar (2 pak)-Electronics-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Jumbo Remote Control-Electronics-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Living Candle Bluetooth Speaker-Electronics-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Party Pug Bluetooth Speaker ❤-Electronics-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Polar Chill Air Cooler-Electronics-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Rock Salt Lamp-Home-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Rock Salt Lamp
$19.99 $29.99
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