Air Fryer Cookbook ❤

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❤ Lovers of Fried Foods Can Now Rejoice! 


You can have all the flavor of your favorite fried foods without the oil, calories and mess. Bring out the air fryer.

Choose from a variety of recipes for main dishes to sides, sweets to treats, and even air-fried sides. Quick cooking, easy prep, and delicious results. What more could you ask for? 192 pages of yummy recipes.


NOTE FROM MELANIE: We were at Doctor's Community Hospital last Christmas and one of our favorite people, Mary Dudley, was selling Matt and I on the amazing features of an air fryer.  She told us how yummy the food is, how quickly it prepares the food, how family-friendly this cooking gadget really is. Needless to say, I was dubious.  I thought this would be a gadget that stays in its box on our pantry floor. Thank goodness that Santa listened to Mary and delivered one to our family for Christmas!  Jamie and Aaron live for this gadget and they can safely operate it as well.  This cookbook has given us some wonderful recipes and expanded our offerings beyond chicken tenders and french fries.