Lenticular Readers (Set of 6)

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Ready, Set, Learn! 


Lenticular Readers?  What is lenticular print?
Lenticular printing is a technology in which lenticular lenses (a technology that is also used for 3D displays) are used to produce printed images with an illusion of depth, or the ability to change or move as the image is viewed from different angles.
Examples of lenticular printing include flip and animation effects such as winking eyes, and modern advertising graphics that change their message depending on the viewing angle.


What does lenticular printing have to do with this set of books? 

Well, it does mean that these books are SUPER COOL to look at as well as read!  They will surely grab your little one's attention.

This set of 6 paperbacks includes the following titles:

  1. Super Smart Animals: 2-in-1 This Pig Can Fly & At The Zoo;
  2. Animals In Action: 2-in-1 I Am Bigger & Can You Do This?;
  3. Funny Animals: 2-in-1 Chameleon Can & What A Sight!;
  4. Noisy Animals: 2-in-1 I Saw A Dinosaur & Noisy Farm;
  5. Animals In Hiding: 2-in-1 I Spy & What Am I?;
  6. Super-Cute Animals: 2-in-1 Playful Puppies & We Are Animals.

    Age recommendation: 2 to 6 years old