Collective Goods

Matt and Melanie have partnered with Collective Goods for 25 years--remember when they were Books Are Fun? Books Are Fun may have changed their name and logo to Collective Goods but they have ALWAYS been a value-based company with an impressive mission (see below).  Covid-19 has disrupted their business model--of bringing the store to you, at your workplace--so Matt and Melanie picked up the torch and are working to still bring the store to you. 


Books Are Fun is now Collective Goods

Cause is at the heart of everything we do.

Our Collective impact so far...
  334,000 events in 55,000 schools
     17,000 events in 12,000 business locations
   500 $MILLION in cash and product donations
  50 states with Collective Goods presence  





146 results
"I Love My Instant Pot®" Affordable Meals-Cookbooks-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
2-in-1 LED Light + Bug Zapper-Outdoors-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
3 Minute Read To Me, Grandma! Keepsake Treasury-Children's Storybooks-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
3-in-1 Giant Reversible Game Mat-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
6000 Amazing Facts-Children's Educational-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
6000 Amazing Facts
$10.99 $19.95
Active & Alive Hands-Free Belt+Wallet Set-Health and Wellness-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
American Holidays (Set of 10 paperbacks)-Children's Educational-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Animal Antics by Scholastic-Children's Educational-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Baby Yodi Heli Ball-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Baby Yodi Heli Ball
$13.99 $19.99
Big Book of Knowledge-Children's Educational-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Boom Touch Wireless Speaker-Electronics-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Breast Cancer Survival Manual 6th Ed (paperback) 🎀-Fundraising Gifts-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Brix-Puzzles and Games-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
$12.99 $19.99
Car Fragrance Bangle-Gift-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Cat in the Hat Learning Library (Set of 3 hardcovers)-Children's Educational-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Celebrate Family: A Collection of Prayers, Tributes, Reflections and Recipes...-Stationery-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Children's Wonder Bible Audio Player-Religious-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Chop 'N Twist: Salad Cutting Bowl-Cookware-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Clifford Collection-The Original 6 Stories-Children's Best Sellers-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Color-Changing Prime Slime-Children's Gifts-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Comfort In An Instant-Cookbooks-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Connect and Construct Building Set-Early Learning-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Crock Pot ® Fast Cooked Slow Cooked Recipes-Cookbooks-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Crock Pot ® Slow Cooker Recipes-Cookbooks-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Diary of a Wimpy Kid Wrecking Ball-Children's Chapter Books-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Dinner In An Instant-Cookbooks-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Dodger (hardcover)-Children's Chapter Books-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Dodger (hardcover)
$10.99 $17.99
Dog Man - Fetch 22-Children's Best Sellers-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Doodle Mag-Dots by Boredom Busters-Children's Gifts-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Double Layer, "Upside-Down" Self-Standing Golf Umbrella (SOLID BLUE)-Adult Gifts-Collective Goods-Solid Blue-MMG Gifts
Double Layer, "Upside-Down" Self-Standing Golf Umbrella (Variety of Designs)-Adult Gifts-Collective Goods-Blue and Pink Flower-MMG Gifts
Dual Mode Collapsible Lantern i-Zoom ❤-Electronics-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Eeboo: Children's Birthday Cards (24 Cards) ❤-Stationery-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Emoji Bracelet-Children's Gifts-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Emoji Bracelet
$6.99 $14.95
Emoji Earbuds (5-in-1 Set)-Children's Gifts-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Eric Carle's Monday/Seahorse/Sloth (Set of 3 paperbacks)-Children's Storybooks-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Essential Oils-General Interest-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Essential Oils
$12.99 $19.95
Fast Ball Magnetic Ball & Phone Mount ❤-Adult Gifts-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Favorite Recipes Deluxe Binder-Cookbooks-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Fisher Price: Lift-A-Flap E is for Elephant-Early Learning-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Fix It And Forget It: Slow Cooker Magic-Cookbooks-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Forever Family Tree Bracelet ❤-Jewelry-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Gardening Basics: Tips , Techniques, and Secrets from Master Gardeners-General Interest-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Gear Engineer Magnetic Building Set-Early Learning-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Get Crocked Slow Cooker 5 Ingredient Favorites: Simple & Delicious Meals from Jenn Bare, The Crock Pot Girl-Cookbooks-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Get Juiced!-Cookbooks-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Get Juiced!
$12.99 $24.99
Get Ready for Pre-K Write & Wipe by Scholastic-Children's Educational-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
146 results