Collective Goods

Matt and Melanie have partnered with Collective Goods for 25 years--remember when they were Books Are Fun? Books Are Fun may have changed their name and logo to Collective Goods but they have ALWAYS been a value-based company with an impressive mission (see below).  Covid-19 has disrupted their business model--of bringing the store to you, at your workplace--so Matt and Melanie picked up the torch and are working to still bring the store to you. 


Books Are Fun is now Collective Goods

Cause is at the heart of everything we do.

Our Collective impact so far...
  334,000 events in 55,000 schools
     17,000 events in 12,000 business locations
   500 $MILLION in cash and product donations
  50 states with Collective Goods presence  





56 results
2-in-1 LED Light + Bug Zapper-Outdoors-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
3-in-1 Giant Reversible Game Mat-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Active & Alive Hands-Free Belt+Wallet Set-Health and Wellness-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
American Holidays (Set of 10 paperbacks)-Children's Educational-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Big Book of Knowledge-Children's Educational-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Breast Cancer Survival Manual 6th Ed (paperback) 🎀-Fundraising Gifts-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Car Fragrance Bangle-Gift-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Chop 'N Twist: Salad Cutting Bowl-Cookware-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Diary of a Wimpy Kid Wrecking Ball-Children's Chapter Books-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Doodle Mag-Dots by Boredom Busters-Children's Gifts-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Double Layer, "Upside-Down" Self-Standing Golf Umbrella (SOLID BLUE)-Adult Gifts-Collective Goods-Solid Blue-MMG Gifts
Double Layer, "Upside-Down" Self-Standing Golf Umbrella (Variety of Designs)-Adult Gifts-Collective Goods-Blue and Pink Flower-MMG Gifts
Emoji Earbuds (5-in-1 Set)-Children's Gifts-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Eric Carle's Monday/Seahorse/Sloth (Set of 3 paperbacks)-Children's Storybooks-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Get Juiced!-Cookbooks-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Get Juiced!
$12.99 $24.99
Give Please A Chance-Children's Best Sellers-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Glow in the Dark Push-N-Popz Bubble Fidget Toy (Set of 2)-Children's Gifts-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Grace, Hope & Love: My Daily Devotional-Religious-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Happy Dreamer-Children's Best Sellers-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Happy Dreamer
$12.99 $17.99
Heart Hotties (Pack of 3)-Gift-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
How to Catch a Unicorn/Mermaid (Set of 2 hardcovers)-Children's Storybooks-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
I Don't Bully (Set of 6 paperbacks)-Children's Educational-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
I Need A Hug-Children's Best Sellers-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
I Need A Hug
$11.99 $14.99
Lenticular Readers (Set of 6)-Children's Educational-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Let's Clap, Jump, Sing & Shout; Dance, Spin & Turn It Out!: Games, Songs, and Stories from an African American Childhood-Children's Educational-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Live a Life Worth Loving ❤-Adult Gifts-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Llama Llama Mess Mess Mess/Loves to Read (Set of 2 hard backs)-Children's Best Sellers-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Lookin’ Sharp Reading Glasses (Set of 3) ❤-Accessories-Collective Goods-2.0-Orange/Purple/Gray-MMG Gifts
Lord's Prayer Silver-Plated Necklace-Jewelry-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Luka and the Fire of Life: A Novel (paperback)-Children's Chapter Books-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Math Curse (hardcover)-Children's Storybooks-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
New! Camper Bird Feeder with Solar LED Lights-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Petite Boutique: Nursery Rhymes-Early Learning-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Petite Boutique: Animal Babies Touch and Feel-Early Learning-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Petite Boutique: Counting 123-Early Learning-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Only 2 left!
Petite Boutique: First Words Touch and Feel-Early Learning-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Petite Boutique: Five Little Dinosaurs-Early Learning-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Petite Boutique: Here We Go!-Early Learning-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Petite Boutique: Peekaboo! Touch and Feel-Early Learning-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Petite Boutique: Trace & Learn A to Z Alphaletters-Early Learning-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Petite Boutique: Watch Me Grow Height Chart-Early Learning-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Petite Boutique: Who Goes Moo? Touch & Feel-Early Learning-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Praying God's Word Day By Day-Religious-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Ready Set Learn Activity Books (set of 7 paperbacks)-Children's Educational-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Silicone Tip Stainless Steel Straws (12pack)-Gift-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
Sticky the Poo ❤-Children's Gifts-Collective Goods-MMG Gifts
56 results