Yoga Beginner's Kit ❤

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❤ Namaste, Friends! ❤

Begin our yoga practice with all the tools necessary to master the basic skills.  Rodney Yee's expert advice from beginning poses to prop use teaches everything you need to build a solid foundation.  Whether you're looking for increased flexibility or a total-body workout, the Yoga Beginner's Kit is an ideal way to bring yoga into your exercise routine.

Get to Know Rodney Yee
Rodney Yee is one of the most recognized yoga instructors in the world.  He has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN and PBS, and his instructional programs continue to rank among The Top 10 Fitness Programs in the United States.  Rodney is considered a pioneer of yoga in the United States and has been practicing yoga for over 30 years.


This kit includes:

  • Alignment Yoga Mat to help guide hand and foot placement;
  • Yoga Brick for proper positioning and support;
  • Yoga Strap to lengthen and align stretches;
  • (2) full-length yoga workouts and props training.

The benefits of yoga include:

  • Improves flexibility, strength and circulation;
  • Improves core strength, agility and balance;
  • Increases mental clarity;
  • No impact to joints or back;
  • For ALL skill levels and ages.

NOTE FROM MELANIE: During the pandemic, Matt and I (and sometimes my mom and the boys) have really enjoyed Yoga With Adriene on You Tube. Whatever our need for that day and whatever our time commitment, she has a video for it -- for example, lower back pain, deep stretching, text neck, morning flow, digestion etc. She even has a 30 day Yoga Program. We have found yoga to be an invaluable practice for keeping us grounded, present, breathing deeply and our bodies strong and flexible. Give it a shot because it's free and you can do it at home on your schedule. No studio necessary.  But we do have CUTE yoga pants 😊 to keep you styled, comfy & inspired.

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