True Crime in the Civil War: Cases of Murder, Treason, Counterfeiting, Massacre, Plunder & Abuse

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"Students of the Civil War will find new information in this readable account."
--James M. McPherson, Author of Battle Cry of Freedom


Crime did not take a holiday during the Civil War. As Tobin Buhk shows in this fast-paced narrative, the war created new opportunities to gain profits from illegal activities; to settle old scores against personal enemies under the cover of fighting the nation's enemies; and to pillage, plunder, and murder amid the carnage and destruction that seemed to offer license to legitimize such crimes.

True Crime in the Civil War examines such criminal cases as currency counterfeiting, the tyrannical actions of Gen. Benjamin Butler, the murder of Gen. Earl van Dorn, raids by William Quantrill's Bushwhackers, the Fort Pillow Massacre, the horrific prison conditions at Andersonville, the fate of Lincoln and the assassination conspirators, and more!

Editorial Reviews on Amazon

"Freelance writer Buhk has pulled many famous―and infamous―Civil War crimes into one excellent volume. . . . Easy to read with occasional humorous turns of phrase; highly recommended." (Karen Sandlin Silverman Library Journal 2012-04-12)

"Buhk wrote an engaging, well-documented collection of tales . . . It is his efforts at mediating the sources, the "voices," that elevates True Crime in the Civil War above a simplistic version of Cops. . . . Both Civil War aficionados and fans of crime dramas will find much to enjoy. (Neil West Armchair General 2012-05-15)

"A rare novelty in the profusion of writing about the Civil War, a volume that takes a different approach." (Susan Branch Joplin Independent 2012-04-10)