Super Charger Portable Solar Charger ❤

$14.99 $39.95
❤ A Great In-Case-of-Emergency or All Day Outing ❤


Charge all of your USB powered devices with this Super Charger Portable Solar Charger with COB light!


  • Charges by solar power, micro USB or both!
  • Ultra bright COB light;
  • Charge up to 3 devices at once;
  • Shock proof;
  • Splash resistant;
  • Rapid charge;
  • Extends talk time up to 17hrs;
  • Built-in phone/tablet stand;
  • 2 Standard USB ports & 1 Micro USB port.
Ummm. What does COB stand for?
Good question! 🤦‍♀️

The following answer is taken from

In the lighting world, the abbreviation COB stands for Chip oBoard. Chip on Board technology is a fairly recent bare chip technology innovation which packages groups of LEDs together in clusters on the circuit boards. As a result, the light output of COB Lighting is extremely bright, especially considering the compact nature of the technology involved. COB Lighting also has numerous other benefits such as a long lamp life and high Lumen output.

Because COB chips are built straight onto a circuit board, they are more efficient and less likely to fail than alternatives. Further, COB LEDs will be able to offer you a greatly reduced level of energy wasted as unwanted heat. This results in a greater level of efficiency, making COB LED Lighting a definite lighting blockbuster for the future, as technology develops.


NOTE FROM MELANIE: True story. Matt, Pappy, Jamie & Aaron went on a week-long camping adventure in the Adirondacks last summer. They canoed in 8 miles to a remote camping spot where there was no running water or electricity -- only Mother Nature. Of course this Mama Bear had to know that all of her boys were safe & sound each day. Matt used THIS as a flashlight and it's how he kept his phone charged for the week. This is the kind of thing that is convenient to have when you are without power for an extended period of time including camping adventures, beach excursions, and, of course, inclement weather.