Sharper Image: Foldable COB Touch Light

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Bright Light and Easy to Travel With


This Foldable COB Touch Light made by Sharper Image features:

  • Touch Control;
  • 3 Light Modes;
  • 180 degree range;


Ummm. What does COB stand for?
Good question! 🤦‍♀️


The following answer is taken from

In the lighting world, the abbreviation COB stands for Chip on Board. Chip on Board technology is a fairly recent bare chip technology innovation which packages groups of LEDs together in clusters on the circuit boards. As a result, the light output of COB Lighting is extremely bright, especially considering the compact nature of the technology involved. COB Lighting also has numerous other benefits such as a long lamp life and high Lumen output.

Because COB chips are built straight onto a circuit board, they are more efficient and less likely to fail than alternatives. Further, COB LEDs will be able to offer you a greatly reduced level of energy wasted as unwanted heat. This results in a greater level of efficiency, making COB LED Lighting a definite lighting blockbuster for the future, as technology develops.

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