ProCharge Outlet Charger/Night Light ❤

$14.99 $24.99
❤ Keep 2 Chargers AND a Night Light in the Kitchen...Or Any Room! ❤


Charge your smart phone, tablet, and all USB-powered devices with this multi-function USB Wall Outlet Adapter Plus Nightlight.

This easy-to-install adapter is equipped with:

  • 2 high speed USB ports for fast efficient charging of multiple devices;
  • 2 AC power outlets that are widely spaced for larger plugs;
  • Dimmable LED Touch Night Light.

NOTE FROM MELANIE: This gadget is truly clever. It has a button on the top that allows you to adjust the brightness of the nighlight strip. When you press the button, it stays lit for 10 seconds. If you are in a lit room, the nighlight will then turn off after 10 seconds. However, the nighlight will stay permanently lit but only when the room is darkened. So when the lights are off, then the nighlight is on.