Pop-up Tote (Black and Green) ❤

$12.99 $19.99
❤ Perfect for Everyday Use ❤


This conveniently dark-colored, large capacity Pop-Up Tote can hold up to 40 pounds!

It is an attractive work horse.  With durable nylon handles, rip-resistant fabric, and rigid frame with locking hinge, it should withstand any carrying task. It also easily pops open and collapses flat for storage.


NOTE FROM MELANIE: Having 10 and 12 year old boys, our family car looks lived in -- and not in a good way.  This Pop-Up Tote gets well used between our mudroom, garage, and our car.  We haul water bottles, shoes, sports equipment, books, bags of trash and more back and forth. And the way it folds down, we can store it just about anywhere.  It truly is a work horse.  And yes, our family car is as yucky as you are picturing.