Ponder Putty (Set of 3) by Boredom Busters ❤

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Fidgeting and Creativity are Good Partners 


Play with this set of Ponder Putty and who knows what amazing ideas you'll think up! 

This set includes:

1. Heat Sensitive Ponder Putty: Sensitive to your touch and body heat, watch this putty change from a cool-hand purple to a hotsy-totsy pink.

2. Super Magnetic Ponder Putty: It's really MAGNETIC! It bends, stretches, bounces, but also attracts anything metal. Pick up your loose paper clips with it or experiment with the powerful magnet inside the putty.

3. Glow-in-the-Dark Ponder Putty: A little light will go a long way in making this Glow-in-the-Dark putty cast an awesome green glow! You might consider it for your next Halloween costume accessory. Try bouncing it in a dark room, or play a game of catch at night!

    Age recommendation: 3 and up


    NOTE FROM MELANIE: We have given this set of putty to lots of girls & boys of varying ages and everyone oohed & aahed over it -- especially the heat sensitive putty, which was instantly gratifying as we all watched it change colors.  This is a winner of a gift when you don't know what the child's special interests are -- it's super cool and super fun!