P.D. Eastman Classics in a Tote Bag (6 paperbacks) ❤

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❤ For Over 50 Years, These Books Have Been Teaching Young Kids
to Read and to Love a Good Story! ❤


This set of (6) Beginner Books by P.D. Eastman encourages children to read all by themselves, with simple words and illustrations that give clues to their meaning. No matter how young your children are, Bright and Early Books will encourage their interest and their delight in reading.

After a little help from you, they'll soon be saying, " I can read it all by myself!" This delightful children's book set of 6 paperbacks includes:

1. Are You My Mother? A baby bird goes in search of his mother. The little hatchling is determined to find his mother, even after meeting a kitten, a hen, a dog, and a Snort. 

2. Go, Dog, Go! From big dogs and little dogs to red, green, and blue dogs, dogs going up and dogs going fast . . . who knew dogs were so busy? And laughter will ensue at the repeated question “Do you like my hat?”

3. A canine classic Big Dog . . . Little Dog, staring Fred and Ted—mutts who are opposite in every way, but best friends nevertheless.

4. The Alphabet Book: From American ants to zebras with zithers, kids will love exploring the alphabet in this classically creative alphabet book.

5. The Best Nest: Mr. and Mrs. Bird's search for a "better" nest leads them to some peculiar spots.

6. SAM And The Firefly: Sam the Owl and Gus the Firefly soar through the air writing words in the night sky. But when Gus’s words end up causing confusion and chaos for the people on the ground, it’s up to Sam to help Gus “write” his wrongs.

Age recommendation: 2 to 5 years old


NOTE FROM MELANIE: Our boys were obsessed with these books even before they wanted to learn how to read.  They giggled at the craziness of Go, Dog, Go! and SAM And The Firefly. They loved the heartwarming message in The Best Nest. In fact, we still say, "I think my nest is best."  And, (I swear this is true) we have Matt's original P.D. Eastman books from when he was a kid!  These are an amazing treasure for any child's first library. Of course, you could also buy the set and split up the books among a variety of kids.  These titles will be around for another 50 years and beyond.