Other Side of the Story (Set of 2 hardcovers) ❤

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❤ Classics Cleverly Told From Another Character's Perspective ❤


The Other Side of the Story: Fairy Tales with a Twist (2) book set includes:

Book 1 : "That's NOT the way it was!" say five characters from some of the world's most beloved fairy tales. In reality, Cinderella was NOT the sweetest belle of the ball--she was an annoying chatterbox. Jack was a petty thief. And Little Red Riding Hood? Spoiled rotten! It's all about whose point of view the story tells. Pull up a chair, and get the full scoop straight from the mouths of the wicked stepmother, the giant, the prince, Baby Bear, and the wolf as this book includes the following "twisted" stories:

  • Cinderella;
  • Jack and the Beanstalk;
  • Little Red Riding Hood;
  • The Little Mermaid;
  • The Three Bears.

Book 2 : "MY turn!" shout MORE characters from some of the world's best classic fairy tales. Think Snow White was the most perfect girl ever? Wrong. She had a mind like a leaky bucket. Sleeping Beauty? A beautiful klutz. And Rapunzel? Such an ungrateful creature! This book includes the following stories:

  • Beauty and the Beast;
  • The Frog Prince;
  • Rapunzel;
  • Sleeping Beauty;
  • Snow White.

Age recommendation: 5 and up



NOTE FROM MELANIE: Aaron's 3rd grade teacher read these books to her class and then instructed her students to write their own twisted ending to a classic story of their choice.  Aaron loved this assignment and his sense of humor shined. These books served as a catalyst for interesting dinner conversations around our family table!