NuvoMed Pro Impact Massager

$44.99 $79.99
Lightweight & Easy to Use

This NuvoMed Pro Impact Massager provides a powerful high torque motor in a lightweight and easy to use product. With 4 interchangeable massage heads and a built-in 2000MAH 12V battery package, this full body massager provides oscillating, rapid bursts of pressure on muscle tissue to help with the following:

  • Accelerates muscle recovery;
  • Alleviates muscle pain;
  • Reduces heart rate;
  • Increases flexibility;
  • Improves circulation;
  • Promotes better sleep.

Safe to use all over the body, from shoulders and back, to glutes and legs, calves and even the bottom of the feet. This package includes a wall charger, so you can enjoy a full body massage at home, at the office or even in your car when traveling. This high impact massager is the perfect gift for you and your loved ones!

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