MotorBlox: Vehicle Lab

$11.99 $24.99
Give Your Lego Bricks Some Goooooo!


Create a dragster, a bulldozer, and a dune buggy, then add your own Lego bricks to make custom motorized robots!

This kit includes: 
  • Power core;
  • Front chassis;
  • 2 track bands;
  • 4 race wheels;
  • 4 track hubs;
  • 4 race tires;
  • Blade attachment;
  • Windshield attachment;
  • Instructions pamphlet. 

This kit has a STEM Focus of Engineering. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.  The STEM fields are becoming more important than ever before -- educators are incorporating and focusing on the four fields in their classrooms. STEM education teaches students essential problem-solving skills that they will need as they grow and develop, and helps them learn how to manage themselves and work out critical thinking issues in their daily life.  The belief and goal  of teaching STEM skills is that it will prepare our children for better jobs in a global economy.   

By gifting your child with this STEM toy to play with and explore at home, you are giving your child access to the Engineering component of STEM which encourages your child to:

  • Learn concepts of form & function;
  • Design & build amazing structures;
  • Develop problem solving skills;
  • Invent & innovate.

Who would've thought that you were giving your child a better future from this $11.99 super cool MotorBlox: Vehicle Lab kit???

    Age recommendation: 8 and up