Memory Foam Pillow with Cooling Gel ❤

$25.99 $39.99
❤ Get a Gentle Nights Sleep with this Memory Foam Pillow with Cooling Gel! ❤



Why Cooling Gel? 
  • Breathable moisture control;
  • Promotes airflow & provides a therapeutic cooling sensation;
  • Helps disperse body heat;
  • Cool & refreshing makes for a GREAT NIGHT'S SLEEP!
Why Bamboo?
  • Luxuriously soft;
  • Breathable and cooling;
  • Odor and allergy-resistant;
  • A Sustainable & renewable resource. 

    NOTE FROM MELANIE: My son, Jamie (12 years old) taught me something about this pillow. First and foremost, he LOVES this pillow. He is growing at a very fast rate and is "hot" all of the time--especially at night. He says this pillow is awesome because it truly keeps him cool. Well, I kept yelling at him to put a pillowcase on it (yep, I'm totally old-fashioned) and he showed me that no, he doesn't have to put a pillowcase on it. The cover comes off and is washable. If he put a pillowcase on it, he claims that the cooling gel is not as effective. Ahhh. Lesson learned. One less thing to yell about.