Math Curse (hardcover)

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Did you ever wake up to one of those days where everything is a problem?

You have 10 things to do, but only 30 minutes until your bus leaves.

Is there enough time?

You have 3 shirts and 2 pairs of pants.

Can you make 1 good outfit?

Then you start to wonder: Why does everything have to be such a problem?

Why do 2 apples always have to be added to 5 oranges?

Why do 4 kids always have to divide 12 marbles?

Why can't you just keep 10 cookies without someone taking 3 away?

Why? Because you're the victim of a Math Curse. That's why. But don't despair.

This is one girl's story of how that curse can be broken.

Math Curse is a children's picture book written by Jon Scieszka and illustrated by Lane Smith. The book tells the story of a student who is cursed by the manner in which mathematics is connected to everyday life. 

Age recommendation: 7 to 10 years old