Lookin’ Sharp Reading Glasses (Set of 3) ❤

$12.99 $19.99
❤ Ahhhh.  The Voyage of Discovery. ❤


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These stylish Looking Sharp Reading Glasses (3-Pack) will help make reading easier! 

Please order with the following in mind:

1.  The SET OF COLORS that you want (Purple/Gray/Orange OR Brown/Tortoise Shell/Black);
2. and the MAGNIFICATION (2.0; 2.5; OR 3.0).




NOTE FROM MELANIE: For this price, I have a few boxes of these cute and handy glasses!  Sadly, I have reached a certain age where I can no longer see my cell phone screen without these glasses 😢😜. As often as I need them, though, I absentmindedly take my glasses off all the time.  Thus, I have a pair in the kitchen, in my bathroom, in my bedroom, in my purse, in my car, and on and on. By the way, I've dropped mine many times and they haven't scratched or broken!