Little People Me Reader Jr. (8 book library)

$19.99 $29.99
At the Touch of a Button They Read Themselves Aloud!
With Charming Narration, Fun Sounds, Nursery Rhymes & Songs


Read books aloud with this Little People electronic reader and 8-book library.

Includes the following (8) great books:

    1. Barnyard Ballet;
    2. Count With Me;
    3. If You're Happy;
    4. Let's Be Silly;
    5. Meet My Friends;
    6. Pets;
    7. Wheels and Wings;
    8. Zoo Colors.

      Press a Book ID button to select one of the eight books in the set. Open the book to any spread and press the matching Spread ID button on the module to hear the text on that spread read aloud. Audio includes narration and sound effects.

      Age recommendation: 2 to 5 years old