Little Critter I Can Read (Set of 5 paperbacks)

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Perfect for Shared Reading With a Child


Children will love learning to read with this Little Critter I Can Read (5) Book Set which includes:

1. To The Rescue!  Uh-oh, Dad needs help!  When Dad is locked in the basement, Little Critter knows just what to do. He picks up the phone to dial three numbers. The firemen arrive in just a few minutes to rescue Dad . . . but they can't stay long to share in the excitement. They have another job to do. Join Little Critter as he shares his 9-1-1 smarts!

2. Going To The Sea Park: Join Little Critter and his classmates for some underwater fun as they set out on a delightful trip to Sea Park where they learn about sea creatures big and small. 

3. This Is My Town: Little Critter shows young readers around his hometown. Welcome to Critterville! Little Critter shares what he knows about his neighbors and the places to go in Critterville. Who delivers the mail? Where does Little Critter go to see a movie? Who keeps everyone safe? Come explore the town with Little Critter and discover where everyone works and plays! 

4. Going To The Firehouse!  Whoosh! goes the water hose. Ooo! Eee! Ooo! goes the siren. Ding! Ding! goes the fire alarm. Little Critter puts on his boots and jacket—now he's ready to help Fireman Joe. After checking the hose and ladder, Little Critter is ready for a fireman's helmet of his own. Join Little Critter as he learns to stop, drop, and roll with Fireman Joe!

5. Just Critters Who Care: When Little Critter finds out one of his neighbors is in need, he and his friends rally together and volunteer their help. They soon learn community service is rewarding . . . and fun! Who can the Critters help next? 

"My First I Can Read" books include basic language, word repetition, and great illustrations.  

Age recommendation: 4 to 6 years old