Kids Charades Game Box ❤

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❤ Kids Charades is Instant, Easy, Fast Fun
that Generations of Family can Enjoy TOGETHER!  ❤


The classic game of charades is now active fun for kids of all ages!

  • Quick, & easy to learn;

  • Barrels of laughs FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY!

Kids Charades is a great way to develop imagination, critical thinking, acting skills, and team building as well.  It's a race against time!  Hurry up to earn points-- figure out the charades for "hamster on a wheel" or "mad scientist" or even "secret agent"!  

Great to travel with--birthday parties, family gatherings, social events, and vacations too!

Age recommendation: 7 and up


NOTE FROM MELANIE: This is our GO-TO game when our extended family gets together.  My five year old nephew lives for this game. Of course he and I partner up -- we go into another room and practice his clues. I love his creativity and willingness to act out anything. The whole family plays!  Sometimes we are intensely competitive and sometimes we don't even play as teams -- we simply all yell out guesses. Why? It's so much fun. There is nothing more heartwarming than seeing my five year old nephew or my ten year old son or even my seventy (something) mother smile with pride as one of us yells out exactly what they are trying to communicate with gestures!