Interview with My Grandma ❤

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❤ Get to Know Grandma Better! ❤


This colorful notebook has double the fun. One side includes tons of questions for Grandma (and you!) to learn all about her life, the special quirks and traits she’s passed on to you, and even the ways you’re totally different!

Then flip the book over, and you can explore your own thoughts and ideas about Grandma through activities, drawing pages, and tons more. When you’re done, you’ll have a whole notebook of memories, surprises, and stories that you and Grandma can revisit again and again.

Have loads of fun as you investigate your family history on the pages of Interview with My Grandma! 

NOTE FROM MELANIE: When Covid-19 hit in March and we were all in lockdown, life was depressing and there wasn't much to talk about -- especially from a kid's perspective.  There was no sports, no socializing, only Fortnite. Ugh.  From a parent's perspective, I could care less about what skins and weapons they wanted and how many kills they got.  The boys' conversations with their "Mimi" (Matt's mom) were lackluster, to say the least.  So we got this book and had Aaron call her and interview her with a set of questions on one day; and Jamie would call her on another day with a new set of questions.  They both took notes with what Mimi said and now they have an entire book about Mimi--stuff that they didn't know before and would've never thought to ask.  This made their conversations with Mimi interesting and it gave Mimi time with each boy, separately, each week.  It was very successful!