Instant Cooling Towel ❤

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❤  A Must-Have for the Active People in Your Life ❤


Instant Cooling Towel Directions:

  1. Wet towel (any temperature);
  2. Wring out excess water;
  3. Snap it a few times;
  4. Ready to wear.
Instant Cooling Towel Features:
  • Cooling towel starts working to provide a much needed evaporative effect that lasts up to 2 hours;
  • Super-absorbent, fiber-weave technology regulates water inside the towel to maintain cooling temps;
  • Re-wet towel and keep on going!
Can be used during and after:
  • Fitness & workouts;
  • Yoga & pilates;
  • Outdoor events;
  • Hiking & camping;
  • Gardening;
  • Summer heat;
  • Headache & hot flashes.

NOTE FROM MELANIE: Every one of my family members has this super awesome cooling towel--my boys, Jamie & Aaron; my husband, Matt; and my parents, Nana & Pappy included. As a family unit, we've taken to hiking--exploring The Great Outdoors together. During these hot summer months, these little towels have proven invaluable . We wear it around our necks (see Matt) and the boys love it wrapped around their heads (see Jamie) a la Rambo.  I've included a photo of Nana & Pappy who conveniently took their cooling towels off for their picture 😉😂 But they made it up the mountainside so...

Greskovich family hiking with cooling towels
Nana and Pappy hiking   Jamie and Aaron hiking with cooling towels