Frida's Fruit Fiesta Game

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Award-Winning Fun & Learning in Frida's Fruit Fiesta Game


It's lunchtime in the rainforest and Frida is collecting letters for her little ones! Spin the letter spinners, search your nest card for a match, squeeze the matching alpha-fruit with the toucan squeezers, and place it in your nest. Find FOUR alpha-fruits in a row first and you win, But look out for the lion-he'll feast on your fruits! Fill your nest with four fruity letters first to win the game.

Winner of the Parents Choice Award!

Engaging game play, adorable illustrations, and quality construction - a gift you're proud to give!  Frida's Fruit Fiesta Game is part of the award-winning line of Educational Insights preschool squeezer games (including the best-selling Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game).

Perfect for preschoolers:

  • Teaches the letters of the alphabet through play;
  • Develops strategic thinking and fine motor skills.


  • 1 rainforest game board;
  • 26 fruit bowls;
  • Frida Squeezer;
  • 4 nest cards;
  • 1 triple letter spinner;
  • Instructions. 

Age recommendation: 4 and up