Fluorescent Chalk Board Marker (Set of 8)

$8.99 $21.95
Erasable Liquid Chalk
8 Water-Based, Non-Toxic Markers


Get Creative and Colorful with this set of 8 Fluorescent Erasable Liquid Chalk Markers! These markers are a GREAT RESOURCE for:
  • Educators: Create beautiful and engaging educational charts and posters to enhance student learning;
  • DIY Experts: Make beautiful artwork to decorate your home, car windows, and other surfaces. Create custom decorations to add a unique touch to holidays and special occasions!
  • Marketing Gurus: Design eye-catching presentations and displays for your restaurant, boutique or small business! 
These markers write smoothly and dry fast. These awesome markers are BRIGHT & BOLD -- the perfect tools to write on such non-porous surfaces as:
  • Balloons;
  • Mirrors;
  • Signs;
  • White Boards;
  • Windows.

The bright, beautiful liquid chalk ink in each marker is completely dust-free which makes cleanup a breeze for these erasable chalk markers! We used the Liquid Chalk on chalkboards at our events (please see the pictures) and found that our messages did not smudge or smear.  We needed a wet cloth (and maybe a small amount of soap) to wipe the signs clear and change the messages.

Announce, Design, Create, Celebrate!!!