FlexLounger Adjustable Smartphone Holder ❤

$9.99 $14.99
❤ Enjoy Using Your Phone Hands-Free! ❤


The FlexLounger Adjustable Smartphone Holder features:

  • 360 degree rotation;
  • Universal design: fits devices up to 7".

It is multi-functionally AWESOME!  You can strap this wearable mobile phone holder around your neck to free your hands and use it as a phone desk stand, bed phone stand or anywhere else that you can imagine. It is ideal for Vlogging, Selfies, video chatting, watching a movie on the plane, working out at the gym, etc.


 ❤ NOTE FROM MELANIE: As with many families, Covid-19 and quarantining has changed our social habits and how we communicate with our loved ones.  I gave one of these to my mom and dad and they live for this little gadget.  As they video chat with friends and family, they can sit with each other on the couch or at their kitchen bar area and talk unencumbered as the FlexLounger holds up their phone.  They feel pretty tech savvy now and prepared to handle this new "normal" way of staying in touch. Also, I love using it in the kitchen when I have a great recipe on my phone --  it keeps it eye level instead of me getting "text neck".  

 Nana and Pappy with the Flex Lounger