Fast-Charge Desktop Wireless Charger ❤

$18.99 $29.99
Convenient & Quick


The Fast-Charge Desktop Wireless Charger accommodates most late-model smart phones that have the wireless charging chip in them. For the easiest charging, place your smartphone on the wireless charging pad, either vertically or horizontally. No cords or plugs to lose!

NOTE FROM MELANIE: This clever charging stand is great to have around the house. I use it mostly in the following places:
1. The kitchen because I can easily read my phone whether I'm using a recipe or reading emails and texts while I'm cooking;
2. The master bathroom because I can read my phone while I'm brushing my teeth. Yes. I see and hear how ridiculous that sounds. In my defense, I use an electronic toothbrush which has a 2 minute cleaning cycle. I use it for at least 2 cycles. That's 4 minutes where I quickly peruse headlines. Don't judge me 😉.

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