FAO Schwarz: Magical Molding Sand Kit ❤

$12.99 $24.99
❤ A Child's Delight to Build, Squish, and Play! ❤


Watch your child build awesome sand castles with this fun and engaging 52 piece molding sand set made by the world-famous toy company, FAO Schwarz. 

The sand never dries out--hence, the magic!

This kit does not have the "STEM JR." seal on it--but this kit qualifies as a STEM product because it is building upon one or more of the following educational fields: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.  The STEM fields are becoming more important than ever before -- educators are incorporating and focusing on the four fields in their classrooms. STEM education teaches students essential problem-solving skills that they will need as they grow and develop, and helps them learn how to manage themselves and work out critical thinking issues in their daily life.  The belief and goal  of teaching STEM skills is that it will prepare our children for better jobs in a global economy.  

By gifting your child with this STEM toy to play with and explore at home, you are giving your child access to STEM learning at an early age.  The benefits of incorporating STEM in the home environment include advanced learning, teaching your child how to solve problems of increasing difficulty calmly, and teaching your child the benefits of open-ended situations. 


Who would've thought that you were giving your child a better future with this engaging $12.99 Magical Molding Sand Kit???

Age recommendation: 3 and up


NOTE FROM MELANIE: When Aaron was 4 or 5 years old, he had a sand kit that we would play with for a good chunk of time. With birthday money that he received, he picked the sand kit out.  I was hesitant because Aaron never wanted to sit down--but it was his birthday money to spend.  On a rainy day or a day that he wasn't feeling well, the sand kit actually held his attention. I was truly impressed. It was a worthwhile gift. We would sit at the kitchen table together and play with a variety of dinosaur molds and little treasures that I would hide and he would find. In fact, we recently passed it along to Aaron's younger cousin along with a fresh bag of sand!