Disney Princess 12 Book Block Carry Box

$10.99 $24.99
12 Early Learning Board Books Featuring the Disney Princesses!


12 little, square board books perfect for tiny hands to hold -- and packaged in a carry-along case with a handle at the top.

The 12 books are:

      1. Ariel;
      2. Aurora;
      3. Belle;
      4. Best Friends;
      5. Cinderella;
      6. Jasmine;
      7. Merida;
      8. Mulan;
      9. Pocahontas;
      10. Rapunzel;
      11. Snow White;
      12. Tiana.

This boxed library is special because:

  • Sharing books with your little one strengthens your bond; 

  • Turning just-my-size pages leads to a lifelong love of reading;

  • Includes wonderful Disney Princess characters that any little Princess-in-Training would love!

Age recommendation: Infant to 4 years old