Deluxe Memory Game ❤

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❤ Test Your Memory Skills with this Deluxe Memory Game! ❤


Just try and see if you can repeat the flashing light patterns.

See which family member can last the longest!  It's a fun and engaging way to entertain and challenge your children and even yourself.

Age recommendation: 3 and up

1 player at a time


NOTE FROM MELANIE: This is a version of Hasbro's classic Simon game -- with two extra colors.  This game is great for travel.  Whether you are on a road trip or stuck in the car on your way home from soccer practice, get the kids to take turns.  Turn it into a fun competition.  It sure beats listening to them whine about being stuck in the car or fighting with one anotherNo, our boys do not have cell phones so we need old fashioned fun to entertain them. This qualifies as old fashioned fun!