Daring Missions and Secret Weapons of WWII (Set of 2 books)

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A History Buff's Delight!

This 2 Book Set Includes:

Daring Missions of World War II: Prepare for more than seventy tales of espionage, sabotage, and heroics, including thrilling accounts of impossible rescues, ingenious secret networks, and high-stakes U. S. ranger missions within enemy territory. In Daring Missions of World War II, distinguished historian William Breuer sheds light on these incredible missions, and critical victories in the air and on the ground. Vivid, fast paced, and dramatic, this title introduces you to the heroes and heroines who risked their lives for victory, and sometimes, notoriety.

Among those you'll discover are:

  • Lieutenant Colonel Montague R. Chidson, who single-handedly saved Amsterdam's Diamond cache from the Nazis;
  • General Henri Honrore Giraud, who escaped twice from the Germans, the second time from an escape-proof prison;
  • Mathilde Carre, aka, "La Chatte (The Cat)," the only female triple agent of WWII;
  • The Kachins, a small mountain tribe in Upper Burma, who helped the Allies dislodge a Japanese stronghold.

Whether you're a history buff or are simply looking for a thrilling read, Daring Mission of World War II allows you to watch history change and to meet the extraordinary men and women from all corners of the world who were responsible.

Secret Weapons of World War II: In this book, first-class historian, William Breuer, chronicles the clandestine battles that occurred between the brilliant scientists and codebreakers of the Allies and the Axis powers. Here are the extraordinary tales behind the ingenious weapons and technological wizardry that determined the outcome of the war. From radar, huff-duff (high frequency direction finding), invisible radio beams, electronic guidance systems, homing devices, and submarine detection equipment, Breuer deftly exposes the gargantuan efforts employed by both adversaries and the fascinating details of the high-stakes warfare waged behind the well-known scenes of combat. Re-creating the covert missions, plots, hoaxes, spying, conspiracies, and electronic sleuthing, Breuer goes beyond the famous military leaders and statesmen to give an entirely fresh and startling perspective of the Second World War. In Secret Weapons of World War II, you will:

  • Attend a meeting where Winston Churchill launches the idea of a giant mousetrap in the sky that would snare Luftwaffe bombers;
  • Meet the young genius in the British Secret Service and the scientist who hatched Operation Jay, an intricate hoax that bamboozled German scientists and ended Germany's devastating long-range bombing campaign
  • Shadow former American schoolteacher Frank Rowlett as he and his small team of scientists crack the Japanese diplomatic code called Purple, now known as the greatest success in the history of the United States intelligence
  • Witness the curious-looking truck known as "the secret weapon that was shipped in from Mars" that later played a crucial role in the outcome of the war.

Packed with more than seventy riveting tales, Secret Weapons of World War II displays Breuer's signature blend of dynamic storytelling and meticulous detail.

Critical Acclaim for William B. Breuer

"A first-class historian."  --The Wall Street Journal


Editorial Reviews 

"Breuer has produced yet another collection of rip-roaring tales. A delightful addition to the niche that Breuer has so successfully carved out."
-Publishers Weekly

"It is Breuer's portrayal of the competition for technological superiority between the Allies and the Nazis that grabs the reader and shows the significance of each wartime discovery and invention."
-State Journal-Register, Springfield, Illinois