Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood (6 books) Box Set

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 Pre-Level One "Rising Star Reader!"


A new generation of children love Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, inspired by the classic series Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood!

Daniel Tiger fans will love this carry-along Ready-to-Read boxed set with six adorable stories! These stories are Pre-Level One "Rising Star Reader!" which encourages shared reading and uses familiar characters and simple words to tell the story.

Whether he’s having a tea party with Katerina Kittycat or playing a game of catch with Prince Wednesday, every day holds a new adventure for Daniel Tiger! Now children can learn and grow on-the-go with six of Daniel’s biggest adventures in one carry-along boxed set—complete with a tiger-tastic handle! The six stories in this set are:

  1. Daniel Visits the Library: Daniel Tiger and Prince Wednesday are so excited for story time at the library! But first they have to lean how to be calm and quiet. Can they calm down before story time starts?
  2. Daniel Goes Out for Dinner: Daniel Tiger and his family are going out to eat with Katerina and her mom! Would you like to come along?
  3. Daniel Feels Left Out: When Daniel Tiger see his friends playing together without him, he feels left out. What makes him feel better? Talking about his feelings with his mom and dad!
  4. Thank You Day: It is Thank You Day! Join Daniel Tiger and his friends as they put special notes on the Thank You tree! Who will Daniel decide to thank with his note? 
  5. Friends Help Each Other: Oh no! Katerina Kittycat spilled the tea at her special tea party! Can Daniel help Katerina save the day?
  6. Daniel Plays Ball: Daniel Tiger and his friends are playing ball in the park, but Daniel is having a hard time learning to catch. Prince Tuesday shows Daniel that if he keeps trying, he will get better!

Age recommendation: 3 to 5 years old