8-in-1 Screwdriver/Flashlight ❤

$7.99 $14.99
❤ So Handy, EVERYONE Should Own One of These! ❤


This little 8-in-1 Screwdriver & Flashlight is ridiculously handy.  At our events, we've sold hundreds because seeing is believing--EVERYONE should own one of these. 

The pictures do not do this mighty, little tool justice.  With 7 fold-out screwdrivers, a super-bright LED flashlight, and a smaller beam flashlight on the side of the screwdrivers so that your work will always be well lit, this convenient tool is perfect to have at home in your tool drawer, in the car for emergencies, and for your kids who are living on their own. 

*Batteries are included.


NOTE FROM MELANIE: As I wrote, seeing is believing. Matt is "The Gadget Guru" at our house and at our events.  He knows how everything works.  It's a bit scary.  At an event last fall, my glasses needed adjusted as they were a bit loose. He grabbed this little tool, pulled out the screwdriver for glasses, the light brightened the screws, and he fixed my glasses on the spot. I was thrilled! And that immediately sold me and the next fifty people that came up to the register 😊.