Ridley's 1980s Trivia Cassette Tape Quiz ❤

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❤ a-ha, Guns N' Roses, Lionel Richie, Madonna...❤


Relive the decade that brought us shoulder pads, mullets and boom boxes with 40 cards featuring music trivia and next line challenges! Divide into two teams and take turns asking the opposing team a question from the card--but the show isn't over yet! Select a player to sing the line of the song listed on the card to their team, who must then correctly sing back the next line of the song to earn another point! 

This is a great gift for music lovers, and perfect for large parties, gatherings, and social events. All trivia cards are stored in a retro cassette tape storage box.

NOTE FROM MELANIE: Matt has an amazing gift of naming a song with just a few beats, remembering lyrics and recalling the name of the artists who sang the songs. He has passed along this gift to Jamie who would absolutely crush this 1980s game because that is one of his favorite decades of music. It's hard to give an age recommendation because you have to know your audience with this gift. I may have grown up in this era but you wouldn't want me on your team playing this game.