Dinner In An Instant ❤

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Dinner in an Instant Gives Home Cooks
Recipes for Elevated Dinners that NEVER Sacrifice Convenience!


Inspired by her viral New York Times article "Why Do Cooks Love the Instant Pot®? I Bought One to Find Out," Melissa Clark's Dinner in an Instant has all new recipes that bring her signature flavor-forward dishes to everyone's favorite countertop appliance.

Beloved for her flawless recipes, Melissa Clark turns her imagination to the countertop appliances that have won American hearts from coast to coast. Recipes include: 

  • Fresh Coconut Yogurt,
  • Japanese Beef Curry,
  • Osso Buco,
  • Smoky Lentils,
  • Green Persian Rice with Tahdig,
  • and Lemon Verbena Crème Brulee.

Dinner in an Instant provides instructions when possible for making the same dish on both the pressure cooker and slow cooker settings, allowing home cooks flexibility. Symbols guide the reader toward Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian, and Gluten Free dinners. Fresh, approachable, and classic, Dinner in an Instant is Melissa Clark's most practical book yet.

 ❤ NOTE FROM MELANIE: We use our Instant Pot for at least 5 meals, if not 10 meals, per week--especially during the fall and winter months. In February 2021, we used this cookbook to prepare new meals for our family to enjoy. We loved the Hummus, Smoky Lentils & Sausage, Split Pea Soup, Garlicky Cuban Pork, Korean Chile Braised Brisket, Coq Au Vin, and Shrimp Scampi with White Wine & Fennel. All of these new recipes made us feel like we were eating a new and wonderful restaurant! 

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Editorial Reviews

"There may already be plenty of Instant Pot cookbooks on the market, but none of them were crafted by a cook with Clark's blend of approachable adventurousness—and her flat-out skill in the kitchen.”—Epicurious

"[Clark] ensure(s) you don't have to sacrifice flavor for lack of effort.”—Tasting Table

"A just-right collection with stunning photographs that will leave you grateful for every minute shaved off the wait for dinner.”—T. Susan Chang, NPR

"A selection of delicious and reliable recipes for anyone who's completely addicted to their Instant Pot.”—BuzzFeed

"New York Times reporter Melissa Clark writes recipes that are as reliable as they are appealing. She turns her attention to the popular Instant Pot, which she fell for writing a column testing out the device. Shakshuka? Port-braised short ribs with star anise? Indian butter shrimp? They’re all within easy reach. (Those who don’t have an electric pressure cooker will want to check out Clark’s Dinner: Changing the Game, filled with workable weeknight recipes — harissa chicken with leeks, potatoes, and yogurt; Vietnamese-style skirt steak with herb and noodle salad — that still manage to excite.)”The Boston Globe

"The recipes in Clark's book have a distinctly chef-y flair: think coconut yogurt, osso buco, and green Persian rice with tahdig. When culinary figures like Clark show enthusiasm for a gadget...it counters the idea that such devices are for amateurs only.”—Publishers Weekly

"Melissa Clark’s recently released Dinner was the talk of the cookbook world. Her newest book incorporates everything people loved about Dinner, but is geared toward using our favorite easy cooking appliances.”HuffPost

"If you know anyone who is expecting a multicooker this year, this book is what you give them. The recipes are delicious, like a wild-mushroom risotto without the endless stirring! But what I, as a newbie to the pressure cooker game, loved most was Clark’s instruction— clearer than the guide that came with my machine.”Lauren Iannotti, editor in chief, Rachael Ray Every Day

"A much-needed book.”—PureWow