Amelia Bedelia (Set of 5 paperbacks)

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Amelia Bedelia Books Have Sold More Than 35 Million Copies!


Short, fast-paced chapters, tons of friends and funny situations, and black-and-white illustrations by Lynne Avril on every page make the Amelia Bedelia chapter books an ideal choice for readers of the Ivy + Bean, Magic Tree House, and Judy Moody books. Each book features a guide to the idioms introduced in the story.  

This Amelia Bedelia set of 5 paperbacks includes the first 5 books in the bestelling Amelia Bedelia Chapter Book series.  The books are:

  1.  Amelia Bedelia Means Business: Amelia Bedelia wants a new bike - a shiny, fast one just like Suzanne's. Amelia Bedelia's mom says that a bike like that is expensive and will cost "an arm and a leg." Amelia Bedelia can't give away one of her arms and one of her legs! She needs both arms to steer, and both legs to pedal. What Amelia Bedelia needs is a job. Look out! Here comes Amelia Bedelia, and she means business!

  2.  Amelia Bedelia Unleashed: Amelia Bedelia is going to get a puppy! When her parents ask her what kind of dog she'd like, Amelia Bedelia doesn't know what to say. There are hundreds of dogs in the world, maybe even millions! How will Amelia Bedelia ever find the perfect puppy? Look out! Here comes Amelia Bedelia, and she's got one thing on her mind - DOGS!

  3.  Amelia Bedelia Road Trip: Amelia Bedelia is hitting the road. Where is she going? It's a surprise! Amelia Bedelia and her mom and dad will try new things (like fishing), they'll eat a lot of pizza (yum), and Amelia Bedelia will meet a new friend - a friend she'll never, ever forget. Look out! Here comes Amelia Bedelia, and it turns out she knows exactly where she's going!

  4.  Amelia Bedelia Goes Wild: Amelia Bedelia has an amazing idea! She decides to build a zoo in her backyard. Better yet, she invites all her friends to bring their pets and help plan the exhibits and rides. But when a real, live squirrel monkey escapes from the city zoo, Amelia Bedelia's backyard zoo becomes the talk of the town! Look out! Here comes Amelia Bedelia, and she is going wild!

  5.  Amelia Bedelia Shapes Up: Amelia Bedelia usually loves recess. One day, though, she doesn't get picked for a team and she begins to have second thoughts about sports. What's so great about jumping and catching, anyway? But when everyone sets out to change her mind, Amelia Bedelia shapes up and discovers how to be a true champion. Look out! Here comes Amelia Bedelia, and she is running really fast!

This set makes a GREAT GIFT and a wonderful way to introduce newly independent readers to a favorite character!


    Age recommendation: 6 to 10 years old

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