FAO Schwarz: Color Your Own Tent ❤

$19.99 $39.99

❤ Hours of Fun! ❤

Color in the scenery while you create fun games and stories around this Play Castle Tent--made by the world-famous toy company, FAO Schwarz.

This play tent pops up and assembles in minutes. It comes in a convenient case so that you can travel with it.


Age recommendation: 3 and up!


❤ NOTE FROM MELANIE: When our boys were younger, we had several versions of this pop-up tent and the boys loved them to death.  Yes, to death.  Inside, we had blankies and pillows for quiet reading time.  Outside, they used them as safe havens in between "killing" each other with their toy guns and swords.  These pop-up tents were a great investment and we highly recommend them to any families with young children. Below is a picture of our adorable 5-year old nephew, Cooper, enjoying playtime with our 5'10"' tall, 12-year old son, Jamie 🙂.

Cooper and Jamie in the play tent